December 8, 2014

SRK INDUS ( 531307 )

Hot Stocks from for 9th Dec 14
531307(SRK INDUS ), 512093(CRANES SOFTW), 532342(COMMEX TECH ), 523592(JENSON &NICH), 517146(USHA MART.LT), 510245(SWASTI VINAY), 505982(HINDUJA FOUN), 530355(ASIAN OILFIE), 521056(CHESLIND TEX), 535657(OONE ), 500214(ION EXCHANGE), 590133(GENERA AGRI ), 503685(MEDIA ONE ), 531453(MOHIT INDUS.), 538450(DHYANA FIN ), 530477(VIKRAM THERM), 532974(ABML ), 538772(M3GLOBAL ), 531923(DHAMPURE SGR), 500059(BINANI IND. ).
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