October 8, 2014

MOBILE TELE ( 532127 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 9th Oct 14
532127(MOBILE TELE ), 502420(ORIENT PAPER), 505502(PSITINFRA ), 533344(PTCFIN SER ), 632187(INDUS IND BK), 500186(HIND.OIL EXP), 530479(ATLINFRA ), 511144(ASYAINFO ), 503641(ZODIAC VEN ), 512311(SURABHI CHEM), 533605(PRAKASH CON ), 531547(TIRUPATI IND), 500820(ASIAN PAINTS), 532798(NTWK MED INV), 506938(KAPPAC PHAR.), 531807(ING VYSYA BN), 530367(NRB BEARINGS), 502330(IPAPPM ), 532144(WELCORP ), 533482(KRIINFRA ).
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