September 9, 2014

LUMINAIRE TE ( 526045 )

Hot Stocks from for 10th Sep 14
526045(LUMINAIRE TE), 532608(DECCAN CHR ), 532614(IMPEX ), 501700(INDIA NIVEH ), 526492(PUNEET RESIN), 508933(WELSPUN SYNT), 524000(MAGMA FIN ), 532656(FACOR ALLOYS), 520075(SAMKRG PIST.), 532380(BABA ARTS ), 500135(ESSEL PROP ), 532894(IWIND ENERGY), 531624(COUNTRY COND), 538540(RLFL ), 512093(CRANES SOFTW), 532341(LOGIX MICRO.), 523724(VIJAY SHA.BU), 524446(SABERO ORG. ), 531866(SUBHKAM CAP ), 523658(RISHIROOP RU).
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List of Holidays

15-Aug -------- Wednesday ------ Independence Day
22-Aug -------- Wednesday -------------------- Bakri ID
13-Sep --------- Thursday --------- Ganesh Chaturthi