June 10, 2013

ZENITH BIRLA ( 531845 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 11th Jun 13
531845(ZENITH BIRLA), 533581(PG ELECTRO ), 526987(URJA GLOBAL ), 508869(APOLLO HOSP.), 532609(BHARSHIP ), 511736(USHDEV INTNL), 533263(GREENPOWER ), 532694(BARTRONICSIN), 511138(KOTHARIFIN ), 590093(TRIMURTHI DR), 506261(MODISON MET.), 530393(DB INT.ST.BR), 532917(VARUN INDS ), 506184(KANANI IND ), 533482(READYMADESTL), 514332(NEOINFRA ), 523672(FLEX FOODS ), 511638(MADHUR CAP. ), 519287(MODERN DAIRI), 532739(PLETHICO ).
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