May 21, 2013

ROHIT FERRO ( 532731 )

Hot Stocks from for 22nd May 13
532731(ROHIT FERRO ), 531863(SIGRUN HOLD ), 524606(BERYL DRUGS ), 533065(REISIX TENR ), 526141(COMPACT DISC), 531273(RADHE DEVLOP), 531390(UPSURGE INV.), 533304(CMAHENDRA ), 505710(GRAUER& WEIL), 500790(NESTLE (I) ), 513554(MAHA STEEL ), 534532(LYPSA GEMS ), 524000(MAGMA FIN ), 512626(ORBIT EXPORT), 507794(KHAITAN CHEM), 532931(BURNPUR ), 532789(NISSAN COPER), 530255(KAY POW PAP ), 515030(ASAHI IN.GLA), 532871(CELESTIAL ).
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