March 6, 2013

JAIBALA IND ( 532976 )

Hot Stocks from for 7th Mar 13
532976(JAIBALA IND ), 519273(UNNO INDUS. ), 533164(TEXMO PIPES ), 505710(GRAUER& WEIL), 533163(ARSS INFRA ), 500141(FERRO ALLOYS), 519331(VSF PROJ ), 532880(OMAXE LTD ), 532854(NITIN FIRE ), 590057(NORTHGATE TE), 500777(T.P.L. ), 511369(FIRST FIN. ), 502420(ORIENT PAPER), 590030(SOUTH PET(PS), 532180(DHANALAK.BNK), 532072(INTER DIGI ), 511736(USHDEV INTNL), 519570(LAKSHMI OVER), 519260(SANWARIA AGR), 500329(PENTAMED.G ).
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