February 7, 2013

BAMPSL SECUR ( 531591 )

Hot Stocks from Tipz.in for 8th Feb 13
531591(BAMPSL SECUR), 526829(CONFI PETRO ), 531645(SOUTHERN ISP), 530967(ARICENTINF ), 531390(UPSURGE INV.), 533287(ZEE LEARN ), 532720(M&M FINANSER), 512369(ENNORE COKE ), 500241(KIRL.BROS. ), 526899(HIMALAYA INT), 534755(TRIO MERCAN ), 531249(WELL PACK PA), 532866(QUINTEGRA SO), 534711(CINEMAX IND ), 530251(RISA INTL ), 590018(HISARMET(PS ), 531590(BILPOWER LTD), 521180(SUPER SPIN. ), 533605(PRAKASH CON ), 507515(CJ GELATIN ).
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