December 30, 2012

PRABHAV IND ( 531855 )

Hot Stocks from for 31st Dec 12
531855(PRABHAV IND ), 524760(ARVIND INTER), 521030(NAKODA ), 532991(MVL LIMITED ), 500034(BAJFINANCE ), 533482(READYMADESTL), 523840(INN.TECH.PAC), 532521(FOUR SOFT ), 590131(SREELEATHER ), 506525(KANORIA CHEM), 531952(RIBA TEXTILS), 500153(GANESH BENZO), 500255(LML LTD. ), 523363(STERL.HOL.RS), 531591(BAMPSL SECUR), 532940(J KUMAR INFR), 590122(ASHIKACR ), 532901(KOUTONS RET ), 513613(PRESHA MET ), 532773(GLOBAL VECT ).
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