November 5, 2012

INDIAN INFO.( 509051 )

Hot Stocks from for 6th Nov 12
509051(INDIAN INFO.), 532793(SHREE ASHTA ), 532975(AISHWARYA TE), 512105(SHREENATH ), 500413(THOMAS COOK ), 534328(HEXATRADEX ), 511710(CUBICAL FIN.), 532358(TELE DATA IN), 500222(JCT ELECTRON), 513353(COCHIN MIN. ), 534060(PRITI MERC ), 532015(GRAVITY (I) ), 530555(PARAMOUNT CO), 526691(PRETTO LEATH), 523283(SUPER HOUSE ), 533326(TEXMACO RAIL), 500256(LOK.HOUS&CON), 522113(TIMKEN (I) ), 506852(PUN.ALKALI ).
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