August 2, 2012

GEMINI COMMU ( 532318 )

Hot Stocks from for 3rd Aug 12
532318(GEMINI COMMU), 532794(ZEE NEWS ), 519260(SANWARIA AGR), 506016(JRIIIL ), 531675(TRICOM INDIA), 533638(FLEXITUFF ), 504076(JYOTI LTD. ), 530191(CHROMATIC IN), 533164(TEXMO PIPES ), 500672(NOVARTIS ), 532531(STRIDES ), 519570(LAKSHMI OVER), 513414(SUJANA METAL), 524280(KOPRAN LTD. ), 532351(AKSH OPTIFIB), 517536(ONWARD TECHN), 533540(TREE HOUSE ), 532141(ANDHRA CEMEN), 532738(TANTIA CONS ), 500013(ANSAL INFRAS).
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